About us

In 2006, Caroline Dufour-Jean underwent an operation that changed her life. She also became aware of the lack of information, as well as specific services, for ostomates. She, therefore, decided to open the “Centre de Stomothérapie du Québec”, a complete resource centre for ostomates. Having undergone an ileostomy herself, her understanding of the needs and expectations of other ostomates is second to none. After the careful selection of a strong and experienced team, she finally opened the doors in January 2009 offering clients all the resources necessary for their well-being, as well as, access to specialized products related to ostomy, incontinence and wound dressing.

The “Centre de Stomothérapie du Québec” team strive to support ostomates and future ostomates, as well as, people living with urinary and/or fecal incontinence, with their physical and emotional needs. Our motto is that living with ostomy or suffering from incontinence doesn’t have to be a reason to not live a full and active life!

To top it all off, with a vast selection of specialized medical products and adapted ostomy garments our centre is the perfect place for all your purchases. Our professional team is always ready and available to listen and help.

Mission Statement

Our mission consists of helping our customers and their family members accept their new situation in a progressive, yet, positive way by providing care, support services, indispensable medical products and information, all this, with the purpose of maintaining their autonomy, dignity, self esteem and ultimately a desired quality of lifestyle.