Sport may have been an important part of your life before surgery and you fear of being limited because of your ostomy. Do not worry, nothing prevents you from continuing your previous routine when your recovery will be completed or when you feel better.

No sport is actually forbidden. Naturally, contact sports (judo, boxing, karate, football, etc.) are not particularly recommended. For some sports it may be necessary to take precautions to avoid snatching the pouch.

Before each activity, remember to change or to empty your equipment. For more comfort and maximum flexibility, you should think about carrying a 1-piece equipment. In case of prolonged and intense efforts, remember to moisturize yourself.

When practicing water sports, it is important to choose a tailored bathing suit for men and a one piece bathing suite in a printed or draped fabric drape that allows greater discretion for ladies.

By taking the necessary precautions, the benefits of practicing sport can only be positive for your physical and moral well-being.